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Virtual workshops

Both the Goethe Institute and various German publishers regularly offer short virtual training courses. The choice of topic is based on the wishes of previous participants and the content will certainly enrich the lesson. The appendix contains programs with a brief description of the respective workshop as well as information on the speakers and their websites.
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KVDS Online Workshops


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Goethe Institut DLL
(Deutsch Lehren Lernen)

In the USA, Canada, and Germany, DLL units are offered in an online format, with six independent courses per year. Participants work in 3-member intercultural teams (USA, Canada, Germany) on their action research, which promotes the development of their teaching competencies as well as the intercultural exchange among the team members.

Participation in the seminar (different values) is free if Canadian teachers are recommended by GI Montreal or GI Toronto. They only pay a registration fee of 200 USD.

As part of your course application, you have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship covering the registration fee.
In case you receive a scholarship the application fee will be reimbursed in the amount of USD 200.00 after a successful participation in the course.

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