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Teaching a new language to non-native speakers may be one of the most challenging educational jobs out there, so the teachers can use all of the help they can get!

Thankfully, many excellent resources for learning the German language exist online, from full-service websites to reference tools and communities, all designed to make the task of educating  students just a little bit easier and more effective.

We’ve scoured the Internet to share the best of these resources, and we hope you’ll find lots of valuable content and tools through these incredibly useful links for educators and learners of German.

If you would like to add another helpful link, let us know and we will gladly add it to our library.

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Konferenz Networking

Teaching Online – Teacher Development for virtual classes

SoGerman – Learn German Online for free

Deutsch für dich – Exercises for all Language Levels

24h Deutsch mit Ida – Accompany Ida through a typical 24h day in Germany (YouTube)

Step into German Themes on music, soccer, film, sustainability and Germany (A2 – C1)

Märchen aus aller Welt

Typisch!? Business German Video Series

​Deutsch für Jugendliche – List of all Goethe activites for teenagers

Deutsch für Kinder – List of all Goethe activites for children

Level A1 – Getting started with German

Level A2 – Communicating basic information

Level B1 – Manage everyday situations

Level B2 – Communicate convincingly 

Level C1 & C2 – Communicate freely

Nicos Weg – German for Beginners with Nico’s Video story and exercises (Level A1)

Jo-Jo sucht das Glück– Learn German with the Telenovela around Jojo (Level B1 & B2)

Ticket nach Berlin – Videos with 6 contestants travelling through Germany solving problems (B1 – C1)

Deutschlandlabor – 20 videos discovering Germany

Deutsch Aktuell – Slow Spoken German News Audios 

Deutsche Welle YouTube Channel

PASCH-net Lernmaterial – Videos, Texte und Audios zu aktuellen Themen. Lehrkräfte finden Ideen für den Einsatz im Unterricht und Arbeitsblätter zum Herunterladen.

PASCH-net Wettbewerbe – Gewinne eine Reise nach Deutschland

PASCH-net DSD 1 – Lernmaterial zum Sprachdiplom 1 A2/B1

PASCH-net DSD 2 – Lernmaterial zum Sprachdiplom 2 B2/C1

Grenzenlos Deutsch – An open-access curriculum online

Deutsch Perfekt Üben – Fill in the blank Online Exercises for all levels

Deutsch Perfekt Hören – Audio comprehension with exercises and vocabulary

Deutschkurs mit Geschichten vom Herrn Schwab – 25 stories with matching LearningApps exercises

Lerneinheiten vom Herrn Schwab – 25+ learning units for A1, A2, B1 with matching LearningApps exercises

Mein Deutschbuch – German Grammar explained with online exercises

Nancy Thuleen’s Grammar Review with worksheets

Tom’s Deutschseite – Grammar explained with worksheets

Mein Deutschbuch – German grammar explained with online exercises

German Zone – Online grammar workbook

Grammatik mit Herrn Schwab – YouTube channel with short grammar explanation videos

Deutsch fördern – Interactive tests for learning and exercising the German grammar

Mittelschulvorbereitung – 1300 worksheets for grammar and spelling

Hueber: Schritte – Online activities for German learning
Hueber: Menschen – Online activities for German. Anyone can use the activities
Hueber: Sicher – Online activities & games
Hueber: Planet – Online activities

Cornelsen Verlag – DaF and DaZ Workbooks

Klett – All DaF Text Online activities

Schubert Verlag – 99 worksheets for German as a foreign language

Vitamin.de – Digital Version of the German Learning Magazine with worksheets and  audio files (A2 – C1)

Onleihe – FREE German Online Library of the Goethe Institut with 15,000+ eBooks or eAudios (registration required)

Lesejule– kostenloses Lernmaterial zum Lesen und Schreiben

Amira – Leseprogramm für Leseanfänger

Geschichten zum Vorlesen – für Kinder ab 3/5/7 Jahren

ARD Mediathek – Germany’s first TV channel with movies, series, news

Tagesschau – Daily News videos of the ARD

ZDF Mediathek – Germany’s second TV channel with movies, series, news

ZDFtivi Logo! – Daily news for children and young adults

KiKa – Channel for children, Kinderkanal of the ARD and ZDF

Goethe Institut Deutschtrainer A1

literaTOUR Goethe-Institut

Heiße Kartoffel

Mein Weg nach Deutschland

The City of Words – Adventure in German (B1)

Duolingo – a free mobile app for learning and practicing German

Deutsche Welle YouTube Channel

DW Euromaxx – European Culture and Lifestyle Channel

Easy German – Learn about life in Germany

Deutsch für Euch – 500+ videos with everything from easy A1 material, to listening comprehensions, to advanced, detailed analyses of grammar topics

Grammatik mit Herrn Schwab – YouTube Channel with short grammar explanation videos

Gimkit – Live learning game show

Quizlet – Create digital Flashcards

Kahoot – Quiz game tool

Book Creator – Create E-Books together

Wordwall – Interactive word game creator, use the 10 million+ library or create your own (random wheel, find the match, whack-a-mole, crosswords, match up, wordsearch…)

LearningApps – Support learning and teaching processes with interactive modules

PlayPosit – Build content for students

Vocaroo – Easy way for students to record voice

Skype – can record conversation between students for oral assessments

Padlet – kollaborativ Schaubilder und Dokumente als digitale Pinnwand erstellen

Nearpod – Make any PowerPoints, Google Slides and video interactive

Edpuzzle – Video cutting tool where you can add questions into the video

Memrise – A natural approach to learning real-life language

Lyrics Training – Learn languages through music

Meme Generator – Make memes out of images

Study Stack – Create shareable flashcards

Slido – Functions like reddit so students can ask & upvote questions

Print Friendly – Make any web page into a PDF with this browser extension

Busuu a web app for learning and practicing German

​Goethe Institut – Deutsch für Kinder

Die Sendung mit der Maus – Website of the educational TV Series

Kinder-Malvorlagen – Painting  templates for children

Schlaudino – Worksheets for Preschool children

Grundschulatelier – Worksheets, reading comprehension, riddles for children 

Lesejule – DaF/DaZ Learning Material for children 

KiKa – Channel for children, Kinderkanal of the ARD and ZDF

Kindernetz– Aktuelle Videobeiträge und -wettbewerbe

Legakids – Werbefreie Plattform mit Lese- und Schreibübungen, Spielen und kurzen Videos 

Blinde Kuh – Die Suchmaschine für Kinder seit 1997

Moving a Face to Face Course Online – Faculty Focus

Stacy Johnson’s – Putting your language course online

25 awesome apps for teachers – Article about app recommendations from teachers for teachers

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